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Structure and Working Principle of Asphalt Stripper

Asphalt barrel removal device mainly by the barrel off the body, lifting mechanism, hydraulic booster and electrical control system and other components. Box is divided into upper and lower chambers, the upper chamber for the barrel of asphalt melting chamber, surrounded by a uniform heating coil, heating pipe and bitumen barrel mainly by radiation heat exchange to achieve the purpose of bitumen off the barrel, two rails for bitumen barrel Into the track. The lower chamber is mainly to continue to heat the bitumen projectile, the temperature reaches the suction pump temperature (100 ℃), and then by the pitch pump into the high temperature tank, if you extend the heating time to obtain higher temperatures. The hoisting mechanism adopts a cantilever structure, the asphalt bucket is lifted by the electric hoist, and then the asphalt bucket is horizontally moved on the guide rail, and then the bucket is pushed into the upper chamber by the hydraulic thruster, at the same time, the empty space at the rear end ejects an empty space barrel. There is also a sump on the platform of the bitumen barrel to prevent outflow of dripping bitumen.
The import and export of the device uses automatic spring closing mechanism, push or push the rear bitumen barrel can be automatically closed to reduce heat loss. Asphalt outlet with a thermometer to observe the asphalt outlet temperature. Electrical control system can control the hydraulic pump opening and closing and solenoid valve reversing, to achieve hydraulic cylinder advance and retreat.

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