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Installation and operation of asphalt barrel melting equipment

1, Before installation, make the foundation according to the basic equipment diagram. To reduce the thrust, the foundation can be made into a slope of about 0.2% (along the barrel movement direction).
2, The hydraulic propeller bracket and hanger with bolts and off-barrel device platform is fixed, the cantilever beam and the hanger through the flat with bolts, cantilever requirements straight without swinging, electric hoist movement to balance, no hairpin.
3, barrel removal device heating pipe connection, pay attention to distinguish between the upper and lower chamber heat transfer oil import and export pipeline to avoid wrong.
4, the operator must understand the structure of the device, working principle, and the use of the valve and spin.
5, before starting the machine must check all types of valves, the instrument is normal. Hydraulic tank filled with hydraulic oil.
6. When the barrel removal device starts to work, it needs to open the HTF valve one hour in advance so that the internal temperature of the device reaches the normal working temperature.
7, open the control cabinet key switch, start the hydraulic pump motor, hydraulic system to adjust the working pressure of 0.4Mpa.
8, the asphalt bucket upside down (opening down), raised by the electric hoist bitumen, on the entrance rail.
9, start the control cabinet hydraulic cylinder forward button, push the bucket barrel device, and then operate the hydraulic cylinder back button.
10, pay attention to observe the reserves and the temperature of the barrel device, when required, open the asphalt pump out of the asphalt.
11. In order to avoid dropping the bitumen barrel directly on the ground, the user can make a slant surface (which can be welded by steel bar) and collect the dripping clean asphalt in the lower part of the sump.

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