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Hot recycled asphalt mixing plant how to match the raw materials

we have a full range of professional technical force and independent innovation and development capabilities. Always pay attention to the introduction of foreign advanced new technology, new technology, and has accumulated rich experience in mass production of road machinery. Established a scientific management system and improve the detection means. With advanced technology and equipment, strong technical force, developed into a variety, large-scale international competition for the specialized new technology enterprises. The company's thermal oil heating technology used in asphalt heating technology, and promote the use of the country. Then, the first factor affecting the quality of asphalt is the ratio of raw materials, that is to say, when using asphalt mixing plant for highway construction, the ratio of raw materials will seriously affect the quality of its works. The following will be introduced in detail.
Therefore, if we want to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the project and get the asphalt products that meet the requirements, we will not only need to use the appropriate asphalt mixing plant equipment, but also select the appropriate type of asphalt mixture. At the same time, when carrying out the ratio of raw materials, it is also necessary to pay attention to meeting the relevant standards of the country. For example, China's current standard stipulates that the maximum particle size of the asphalt mixture above the road shall not exceed one-half of the thickness of the layer.
Therefore, we need to consider these issues beforehand and choose a reasonable formula for matching raw materials. This will be conducive to improving the quality of construction of asphalt mixing plant, of course, we must first collect as low as possible and inspection of aggregate resources, on the other hand also need to select the appropriate type of mixing equipment.
In addition, a requirement that needs to be done is to strictly control the quality of engineering materials to ensure that only strictly tested materials can be used in the project. In short, select and determine the raw materials meet the requirements of the road structure and quality of use, combined with the actual production, in accordance with the corresponding provisions of production, to ensure the construction quality of asphalt mixing plant.

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