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What is the asphalt barrel melting device

Drummed Asphalt Melting Equipment (Container) is mainly composed by off-barrel tank, elevator, hydraulic thruster and electric control system. The tank is divided into tow room—the upper room and lower room; the upper room is barreled asphalt melting compartment with heating plates and pipes all around; the heading pipe and asphalt barrel exchange heat by radiation to make the asphalt  away off the barrel. There are several lead rails to let the asphalt barrel in. The lower room mainly keeps on heating the asphalt out of the barrels to the pumping temperature (130 ℃); and then heated asphalt is pumped into the high temperature tank by the asphalt pump; if the heating time is extended, a higher temperature can be reached. The elevator is in cantilever construction, lift the asphalt barrel by electric hoist, then move horizontally and put the asphalt barrel on the lead rails; then the hydraulic thruster push the barrel into the upper room; at the same time, at the outlet of the other end an empty barrel is pushed out. There is an oil groove on the platform at the inlet for asphalt barrels to collect the dropping asphalt.
The inlet and outlet doors of the device adopt a spring automatic closing mechanism, and the back door can be automatically closed after the asphalt bucket is pushed in or pushed out to reduce heat loss. A temperature gauge is provided at the asphalt exit to observe the asphalt exit temperature. The electrical control system can control the opening and closing of the hydraulic pump and the commutation of the electromagnetic directional valve to realize the advance and retreat of the hydraulic cylinder.
With the rapid development of highway construction and the increase of asphalt demand, drum asphalt has been widely used due to its characteristics of convenient transportation and easy storage. In particular, high-performance imported asphalt used in high-grade highways is mostly in drums, which requires Pavement deflashing device with fast melting speed, clean drum, and preventing aging of asphalt.
The company developed and produced the asphalt dehydration melting device, which uses the heat-conducting oil as the heating medium and heats, melts and removes the asphalt through the heating plate. The device can guarantee the quality of asphalt heating, and has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, quick dehydration speed of asphalt, improvement of labor intensity, and reduction of pollution.

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