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Description and Analysis of Common Problems in Hot Recycled Asphalt Mixing Plant

The quality of hot reclaimed asphalt mixing plant will be the key factor affecting the quality of the project. After consulting related materials such as asphalt concrete production and construction, we summarized some cases of failure due to asphalt concrete mixing station during construction, and analyzed the reasons.
1, the output is unstable, asphalt mixing plant production efficiency is low
(1) improper ratio. Asphalt concrete mix is ​​divided into the target mix and production mix. Among them, the target mix control the proportion of sand material and cold material conveying ratio, and the production mix ratio is the mixing ratio of all kinds of sand and stone in the finished asphalt material specified in the design. Production ratio determined by the laboratory, directly determines the appearance of finished asphalt concrete grading standards. The target mix is ​​set to further ensure the production mix. The production can be adjusted according to the actual situation. When the target mix or production mix is ​​not suitable, resulting in the asphalt mixing plant stored in various measurement of the stone is not proportional, and some flash material, and some other material, can not be weighed in time, mixing tank idling, so that production decreases.
(2) material grade unqualified. The feed is not in the proper range, not only produces a large amount of "waste" during production, but also affects the yield. Asphalt mixing plant drying cylinder production capacity and equipment models to match the corresponding, when the sand, stone moisture content is too high, the drying capacity decreased, the unit of time to provide the metering chamber to reach the set temperature less the amount of sand and therefore Reduce production.
2, asphalt concrete temperature instability
The temperature is too high or too low will affect the production, resulting in the quality, but off the scene or a large number of "waste." This requires the asphalt mixing plant production process, the relevant personnel must observe carefully, measured Qin, a high degree of responsibility for quality.
3, dust, pollution of the construction environment
In the construction, some asphalt mixing plant site nasty, which not only harm the health of staff, but also pollute the environment, mainly due to: sand, stone with clay content, the amount of dust is too large, seriously overweight; Secondary dust removal system failure.
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