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YK-GSJ20 SBS Modified asphalt production equipment


YK-GSJ series modified asphalt production equipment
SBS / crumb rubber modified asphalt production equipment suitable for a certain temperature of base asphalt and SBS (or powder) and the additives mixed together, the swelling, grinding, inoculation production out of the high quality of the polymer modified asphalt, has high work efficiency, high reliability, display intuitive, easy to operate and maintenance, etc., and is mainly composed of the following parts:
1, high speed shear colloid mill
This is the core equipment, complete sets of equipment, has the extremely high shear grinding probability, it first by imported spiral of absorption and mixing the SBS (or powder) asphalt mixture is then fed into a high-speed rotating grinding disc, in numerous grinding teeth and slots by countless shearing and grinding, 1 times of cutting and grinding to the production of modified asphalt can reach JTG F40-2004 standard.
2, automatic control system
The entire production process from the screen to display, so that all the motors and valves can be operated directly by the computer mouse, the production process intuitive image display on the screen, can dynamically reflect the changes in the production process, and set up the necessary interlock protection, automatic alarm protection, the output of the day, the monthly output of printing, recording, liquid level display and control, etc..
3, asphalt metering control system
The strict proportion is one of the important conditions to ensure the qualified modified asphalt, through the instrument setting and the asphalt pump interlock control can guarantee the ratio of matrix asphalt accuracy, specific as follows: matrix asphalt in the asphalt pump through the flowmeter, flow signal feedback controller and constant comparison, so as to ensure the automatic measurement automatic stop of the whole production process, the accuracy level of 0.5%.
4, temperature and constant temperature automatic control system
The processing of modified asphalt is carried out in a certain temperature range, in order to ensure the constant temperature in a certain range, through the boiler automatic combustion, stop, heat conduction oil circulation flow, pneumatic valve automatically open, cut off the automatic control of the temperature of each asphalt tank within the scope of the need.

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