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LB3000XC Asphalt Mixing Plant


1. Production output: 180-240 tons/hour
2. Stirrer capacity: 3000 kg / batch
3. Dust emission concentration: ≤100 mg/N·m3
4. Asphalt heating equipment: heating value 1.0 million kcal
5. Asphalt tank: 50 cubic × 4
6. Environmental noise: ≤ 85 dB
7. Fully automatic PLC control
8. Modular design is easy to install and transport

The whole set of equipment is composed by the main machine in the mixing tower, the heat conductor and asphalt heating facility, pulse packet dedust and dust recovery system and storehouse for finished asphalt mixture. The key parts are from famous international brands and assembled in China. The whole set of equipment is compact in structure, rational in layout, layered modules designed system and independent assembly for each modular; and the working performance is stable and reliable; the central control is performed by imported system with intelligent computerized automatic control that has stable performance.
Technical index of LB3000XC asphalt mixing station
Equipment name
Asphalt mixing station (environmental protection)

Device type


Production rate

180-240 t/h (standard operating conditions)

Measurement accuracy

Sand stone: + 0.5%
Powder: + 0.25%
Asphalt: + 0.25%

Dust emission concentration

less than 100 mg/N m fand, smoke less than grade I: Ringelmann blackness

External dimensions (L * w * h)


Machine weight

about 320T

Installed capacity


Operating room noise

less than 75 decibels

Environmental noise

less than 85 dB

Temperature control error

the feed temperature can be arbitrarily set, the control mode for automatic control, can also be controlled manually.

Control mode

microcomputer automatic control, electrical operation with manual overload control.
Note: the system and configuration can be configured according to the specific needs of customers

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